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Signature Memphis | February 2019

Photo by Steve Roberts

Al Kapone - Al Kapeezy, Oh Boy

Songwriter, producer, rap artist, computer tech

Hometown: Memphis

Favorite Song: I have way too many, but one would be “Is That Enough” by Marvin Gaye

Your Lucky Charm: My personal connection with the Almighty Creator

Your Best Quality: My thirst for knowledge

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite
to Dinner:
Robert Church (he was pro Memphis at a time when Yellow Fever almost wiped out Memphis — even though he had the means to leave he stayed and played a major role in rebuilding the city).

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”:  Watching the progression of Jookin 

Favorite Place to Travel: California

Best Memphis Hangout: Rec Room is one of the cool hangouts 

First Car You Owned: Box Chevy Impala 

Place You Go to Think: Bedroom 

Favorite Southern Idiom: “It’s hot as hell” or “Get it out the mud” 

Best Advice You Ever Got: Treat people like you want to be treated

Your Most Annoying Habit: Over thinking

The Highlight of Your Day: Waking up in the morning

Proudest Moment(s) of Your Life: The births of my daughter and my son

Who Would Play You in a Movie: Travis Scott or ASAP Rocky would play the young Al Kapone with the braids

Something You’ll Never Live Down: The times I was able to be a straight A student