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Signature Memphis | March 2017

Photo by Steve Roberts

Mike Warr

Chairman, Porter-Leath Early Childhood Foundation

Your Lucky Charm: A smile
Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Favorite Place to Travel:  Italy
Place You Go to Think: Spa/Hot Tub
Favorite Southern Idiom:  Down to the lick log
Favorite Song: “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd
Best Advice You Ever Got:  Do it right the first time
Who Would Play You in a Movie: Jack Nicholson
The Highlight of Your Day: Any victory large or small
Proudest Moment of Your Life: Sold all my restaurants
Your Best Quality: Getting things done quickly and correctly
Your Most Annoying Habit:  Excessive Assertiveness—Pushy!
Best Memphis Hangout: Restaurant bars like Erling’s, The Half Shell and River Oaks
Best Thing About Working for a Nonprofit: Mission Focus and Job Satisfaction
First Car You Owned: 1958 Oldsmobile—cost $400 and had to jump start it twice a week
A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: John Belushi
Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: Dining out in eclectic Memphis independent restaurants
Something You’ll Never Live Down: Owning an $18,000 T-shirt as a result of a bad business decision involving a tractor trailer load of fried chicken—July 4, 1980.
One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: Complete Early Childhood Education Rehabilitation Plan for Shelby County—Be chosen for the for the MacArthur $100 Million Dollar grant