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Signature Memphis | JuLY 2017

Photo by Steve Roberts

Geoff Calkins

Sports Columnist, The Commercial Appeal and Host of The Geoff Calkins Show, 92.9FM

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Song: Sweet Baby James
Your Dream Dinner Guest: Jim Murray
Your Best Quality: I can talk to anyone.
Place You Go to Think: I pace. Anywhere.
Who Would Play You in a Movie: Harrison Ford
Your Most Annoying Habit: I’ve been know to run out of gas.
Something You’ll Never Live Down: Jason Williams stole my pen.
Best Advice You Ever Got: “Try sports writing, Geoff. Lawyering is not for you.”
The Highlight of Your Day: I still like reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.
Best Memphis Hangout: I still miss Republic Coffee. Hog & Hominy is always a pleasure.  
Best Thing About Being a Sports Writer: I love hearing people’s stories, then I get to write them down.
Favorite Southern Idiom: As a former Yankee, I have no idea how I got along for decades without “y’all.”
Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: My favorite thing about Memphis is that you can have an impact on the place.
Your Lucky Charm: Not sure I believe in lucky charms. But my two Bernese Mountain Dogs always lift my spirits.
Favorite Place to Travel: My family has a summer cottage in Northern Michigan—my favorite place in the universe.
Proudest Moment of Your Life: I’m most proud of my three boys, of course. Personally? It was gratifying to be able to dedicate my book of columns to my parents.  
First Car You Owned: I went to college and law school in Boston, where it didn’t make sense to have a car. I didn’t own a car until I was 25, a Ford Escort wagon, used, which I got from my folks.
One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: It’s practical now. With the way newspapers are trending, I’m looking forward to the day, seven years from now, when I pay my last college tuition bill.