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Signature Memphis | May 2019

Photo by Steve Roberts

Bob Berry

King, Carnival Memphis/Founding Partner Worlds Away LLC/ Founding Partner BBC, LLC/Partner WoodBerry LLC/ Partner BobaLu  LLC

Hometown:  Clarksdale, MS

Favorite Song: I love Music! There are too many to just pick one song, but the last thing I played on Pandora was a song by John Prine.

Your Lucky Charm: Lucy Woodson

Your Best Quality: My sense of humor

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: It’s a toss up between Jonathon Winter or Robin Williams.

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: All the great music that started here in Memphis.

Favorite Place to Travel: Europe

Best Memphis Hangout: Would have to be my kitchen or the golf course

First Car You Owned: “The Fat Man” - a 1982 maroon Toyota Celica

Place You Go to Think:  My bed at 3 a.m.

Favorite Southern Idiom: “There is a fine line between a Hair of the Dog and a two-day drunk” — this was told to me years ago at a wedding in South Carolina by the bride’s grandfather

Best Advice You Ever Got:  “Work hard, be honest and fair, and the rest will work it self out.”

Special Moment During Your Year as King of Carnival: It is a very special experience and I am honored to have been chosen to be King. Carnival Memphis is an 88-year-old Memphis tradition with and incredible history of supporting our city. I have been around Carnival for a lot of years and seen how much good it does in the community. I really look forward to our Day Runs with the Boll Weevils — where we visit schools, retirement homes and hospitals during the week of Carnival.