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Blue Pump Gala

The Blue Pump Gala was held March 23 at the Memphis Botanic Garden. The event, hosted by the Southeast Transportation Workforce Center, was held in conjunction with the annual Choosing Transportation Summit. Proceeds from the event will be used to fund scholarships for female students pursuing majors in transportation and logistics. Among those attending the event were:

Stephanie Ivey, Roquita Coleman-Williams, Kate Tooley, Frances Gutt and Cheryl Citrone

Yuan Zhou, Darren Van Winkle, Marty Lipinski, Sean Ellis, Khademul Hauqe, Santosh Bhattarai and Golnaz Sarram

Roquita Coleman-Williams, Darren Van Winkle and Stephanie Ivey

Bill Weppner, Linda Lipinski and Dr. Marty Lipinski

Photos by Vaco Memphis
Posted by Kim Coleman at 9:28 AM