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Signature Memphis | November 2019

Photo by Steve Roberts

John Malmo

Chairman Emeritus, ArcherMalmo, Inc.

Hometown: Born in Milwaukee, moved to Memphis in 1937

Favorite Song: Anything from Broadway, Glenn Miller or Frank Sinatra

Your Lucky Charm: Betty Cotten Malmo

Your Best Quality: I work hard

A Nonliving Celebrity/Role Model You Would Invite to Dinner: Winston Churchill

Your Favorite Memphis “Thang”: The “I AM A MAN” signs from the 1968 sanitation workers’ strike

Favorite Place to Travel: Nova Scotia

Best Memphis Hangout: The Rendezvous

First Car You Owned: 1941 Chevy Coupe (in 1952)

Place You Go to Think: My office

Favorite Southern Idiom: “Sho ‘nuff”

Best Advice You Ever Got: Be quiet

Your Most Annoying Habit: Talk too much

The Highlight of Your Day: Going home

Proudest Moment of Your Life: Marrying Betty Cotten

Who Would Play You in a Movie: Probably not Clark Gable, maybe Woody Allen

Something You’ll Never Live Down: Bursting into a business meeting in Dallas 30 minutes late, declaring that traffic was like a “Chinese Fire Drill,” then discovering half the room was filled with Chinese clients.

One Goal You’d Still Like to Accomplish: Becoming a better listener